Why getting out is a good idea

A famous person once said that Earth is like a poetry that has no end.

Well what I can tell from personal experience, poetry or no poetry, Earth is a pretty awesome place to be in and we are lucky that we can enjoy its wonders. That is if we are not too busy reaching a new level of our favorite video game.

Even by mistake you must have caught a beautiful sunset after a rainy day or took a walk on a path surrounded by trees (usually it’s called a forest haha), or have felt the cool breeze of the night to come after a hot day (that is if you don’t live in Alaska, if you do you don’t have any of the problems mentioned here so you can stop reading haha).


Do you remember those moments? Do you remember how they made you feel? They are always so healthy for our soul, it’s like our whole body fills with energy and we are suddenly happy to be alive. In fact it’s a scientific thing called a “nature connection”, which is in our body from way back when our ancestors lived in caves.

We as a human race enjoy nature, and we love it and every time we escape the concrete jungles of our cities and head out in the nature we feel like home, it’s like going back to where we started.

Why not enjoy nature? Why not have more often a camping trip? Why not walk a path that leads to a mountain top? It’s in our veins to be explorers, to enjoy the fresh mountain air or simply relax on a sandy beach with a walk at dusk.



Do you have a family to take care of and you need ideas for activities that you can do together? Don’t worry because there is plenty of stuff and places to visit that you and the entire family will enjoy. You will see that you will find things to do with kids that you didn’t knew were so accessible from where you live.

Are you not able to travel to such places? It’s perfectly fine because unfortunately no one has unlimited resources even if we’d all like to be able to do anything we just can’t. Instead, head out for a jogging.

Studies have shown that joggers who exercise regularly feel less anxious, more restored and les depressed. It’s up to you to change your life and become a more happier, healthier and nature loving person. It’s inside every one of us but we don’t know it yet!