What is Pokemon Go?

Everybody is talking about Pokemon Go: on social media, the internet in general and even on the news! It is the latest trend (remember the Ice Bucket Challenge?) and yes, it is a smartphone application.

The game relies on the highly popular anime named Pokemon that was airing around a decade ago and Nintendo had the brilliant idea of bringing the franchise back, on the bet that the kids a decade ago are now adults and this game will happily remind them of the good old days.


And how right they were! In just a few days following its launch in the United State the application took the smartphone industry by storm and after three days it was already more successful than other long-established corporations like Twitter and Tinder. The stocks value of Nintendo doubled in a matter of a week and they continue to be on the rise with Pokemon Go now being released in most of Europe and with plans to be available in over 200 countries.

The key to Pokemon Go’s success comes from the theme song of the highly successful anime which stated in the song “Gotta catch’em all”. And what is the purpose of Pokemon Go? Catch Pokemons!

You download the application and after enabling the Global Positioning System of your smartphone (or GPS) you need to effectively travel into spots displayed in the application and catch all the Pokemons!


Isn’t this a brilliant idea? Already millions of people are going out to all sorts of places looking for Pokemons! Needless to say that already there were incidents like that of a woman that was trying to catch a Pokemon in a forest and found a dead body! And even recently the first death of a person trying to catch a Pokemon was recorded.

So it is a brilliant idea and an awesome business opportunity for Nintendo if you ask me, but you also need to play close attention when playing and just as with everything, don’t go that step to far, because it’s only a game and it’s not worth risking your life for it!

And to end on an optimistic note, I guess we are now really looking forward to updates for Pokemon Go so the battery will no longer be drained like a tank with a hole in it and other server improvements.

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