Three items for a small hallway

One might not imagine that even a hallway can be given a personal touch, no matter how large or small the space is. When we talk about tiny places, decoration is more difficult and one can find it harder to infuse originality and charm within the design.

Even though it is a bit difficult to accomplish, adding originality to you hallway should not be neglected as it is the first room you see when you enter your home. It doesn’t have to be filled with way too many furniture or accessories, it just has to have a nice visual aspect. And if you decorate it yourself it will have a bit of your soul in it.

My opinion is that smaller places have more flavour once you have managed to style them. I love the fact that there is no need to fill them with useless furniture and can be given a charming aspect with just a handful of accessories.

For a tiny and chic hallway how about these pieces which will absolutely improve the visual aspect of your home entry area and bring originality to the place.

First and one of my favourites this coat rack that reads “Home”. I don’t know about you but for me the feeling of being home after a long day at work is priceless. With its vintage design, this coat rack will only reinforce the idea that you are finally home and will definitely make you smile.
Coat Rack from Furniture in Fashion

Now that the coats are all in place, you might need a shoe cabinet. This one below is another stylish piece which can fit in a tiny hallway. Made out of Canadian oak, this three drawer shoe storage item is a great place for you to deposit your seasonal walking accessory.

Shoe Cabinet from Furniture in Fashion

And last but not least, another hallway furniture item could be this vintage umbrella stand. You can place it in a corner and along with the coat rack and the shoe cabinet you can now say you have a complete and practical hallway.

Umbrella Stand from Furniture in Fashion

Nevertheless, these three items above are my suggestions for bringing an original touch to a small hallway area. You can add bits of furniture accessories to enhance the space without overcrowding it. And you can be confident that even a narrow home entry area can look neat and charming.

Don’t you worry you will not have the inspiration to do it yourself, I used to believe the same thing. The trick is to browse through a variety of products, choose a few items that you like and try to mix and match them in order to both fit your hallway and provide an aura of originality. It might be tough but you will be delighted by the final result and you will take pride in your work.

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