The AZ of loving your dog

The dog is men’s, and woman’s, best friend. They are loving companions who will appreciate the owner for their entire life. A dog will put a smile on your face and will bring warmth to your heart no matter how bad a day you had. If you want to find the breed which best fits your personality, household and lifestyle, visit and use their dog breed selector. While you are their website, you also have the chance to purchase or adopt a dog from UK owners.

But in order to find the best canine companion, let’s take a look at the reasons why we love our dogs. In Alphabetical order, here are only some of the attributes dogs have. They are:

Activeand love to play and will challenge you do be a more dynamic person too.

Bright, after just a few training sessions, with or without a specialized trainer, your dog will learn to listen to you.

Caring. As dogs love their owners they provide you with moral support and they are a bundle of joy.

Different. No matter what, every dog has a distinct character and every dog owner can say their dog is different from the rest.

EnergyBooster. It might happen that you had a bad day or are in a bad mood but a caring companion such as a dog will boost up your energy and your morals.

Funny because they like to play around and play the buffoon.

Gentle. A dog can sense your mood and they will cuddle up in your arms or on your lap just to make you feel better.

Happy to see you come home from work, a trip or any other occasions you get back home.

Innocent as they would never do anything to harm you on purpose.

Joyful, even for no reason, so how could you not adore them?

Keento see you every time.

Loyal and loving, they will be your best friend no matter what and will love you unconditionally, asking for very little in return.

Muddy for all the fun they have when playing in puddles

Naughty, when your shoes are all chewed up.

Obedient, when well trained, as all dogs should be.

Passionate about their favourite toys.

Quick to run freely when going outside.

Reliable friend to count on.

Spoiledbecause you love them, play with them and hug them.

Thankful for your love and the special treats they receive.

Used to all your moods and loves you anyway.

Valuable companion for the good days and the bad ones too.

Warmbeings which bring peace to your mind and soul.

Youthful.  No matter their age, they will find joy in the simple act of you loving them.

Zany, as they will make you laugh no matter how bad your day was.

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And there you have it, the alphabet of why you love your dog. And you didn’t necessarily need that but these are just a quick reminder for when you feel like you are overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for your canine friend.