Spider Solitaire. What is it and why everyone is playing it when they are bored?

Spider Solitaire it’s a game of cards that derives from an even more popular standalone solitaire game. The purpose of the game is to order all cards in descending runs from King down to Ace with one condition – they have to be in the same suit. When for example a King of hearts is down to Ace of hearts it means that a run has been completed and the whole run will be removed from the game table.

So it is basically a cards game that – like so many other social games – was transferred to the digital world of computers and has now become an electronic card game. But, there is a little fact that makes Solitaire different from all those social games that received a digital version. Solitaire was amongst the first games that Microsoft had it installed within a small operating system called Windows, by default, and was actually meant to help users improve their control of this new technology called a “mouse” (we are talking about the very early beginnings of computers and Microsoft).


This meant that every user of a Microsoft operating system that wanted to have a bit of fun had Solitaire as one of the choices. Due to the addiction this game gives to the user, it has become one of the most popular games of all time. People were now opening their computers only to play games and specifically Solitaire.

Time has passed and some things did change significantly, like the evolution of video games which has been impressive but one thing remained the same. People’s love for Solitaire. Like any other popular thing that society uses, there were all sorts of different versions of the original released that you could now play online for free without having to purchase and install a standalone software.

One of these Solitaire variants stood the test of time and slowly but surely even surpassed the initial Solitaire at the number of players. We are talking of course about Spider Solitaire. This game has increased its fan base steadily and is now anyone’s online refuge spot for kicking away the boredom or for passing the time.

Spider Solitaire has become one of the most played online games in the world and this comes from its simple easy to use interface and once you get the hang of it, the satisfaction it gives to the user.

As expected, numerous variants of Spider Solitaire itself have been released and it’s safe to say that in their own way they are as rewarding to play as the original. Also, with slight variations of the interface and the gameplay, it can even be said that variants such as Real Spider Solitaire, Spider Solitaire Arkadium and Red Spider Solitaire helped experienced players to avoid monotony by always having something new to the table to experience. This can be very important for the success of a game, especially for one with a linear gameplay such as Spider Solitaire.

As the number of internet users grew, so did the number of Spider Solitaire players and the fact that is was there from the beginning is one of the reasons why Spider Solitaire stood the test of time and continues to be played on a global scale, even though social media may not pay that much of attention as you would expect it to have.

But probably that’s because this is not a new game that can be considered a new phenomenon and because Solitaire and Spider Solitaire have been with us from the very beginnings. Everybody knows about it so you won’t be special, cool or saying something new when talking about Spider Solitaire on social media.


For this reason alone, even with all the technology advance and new fun stuff you can do on the internet, Spider Solitaire is still being played by millions of users. I say it deserves our respect and a special place in the Internet’s Hall of Fame because it help early Windows users to get familiar with the wonders of the mouse and for being a success ever since.

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