Saving money on exotic rental cars

If you have ever rented a car you know how expensive it can be in the end. You start with the basic price where you add mileage, gas, road taxes and all other stuff and you end up spending a fortune on renting a car. Here are some tips for you to save money on rental cars so you won’t run out of money after only a few days of travelling.

Book your car before you arrive. One of the most important parts in saving money with rental cars is to make a reservation for your car before you arrive at your destination. The last thing you want to do after a long flight is to start negotiating with the local car renting company. For example if you want to rent a prestige car in the UK it will be much cheaper if you book your car before you leave, than to just take it from the airport.

Take a smaller vehicle instead of bigger one or just hire a Ferrari and get it to a spin in London. Even if it’s tempting to go at a Ferrari rental company don’t try to stay away from sports car hire companies only to save money. Although a small and practical vehicle is always cheaper and will take you to the same place that a big and fancy vehicle will. If you want to save money you don’t have to choose the most luxurious and the fanciest car in the list, you will be just fine with the cheaper version.

Don’t rent directly from the airport. Often the prices in the airport are higher than the prices downtown. Although, be careful for taxi fees because there are a lot of airports that are really far from downtown and the taxi can be more expensive than the whole rent. For example Blue Chip Car Hire is a luxury car rental company that is based in London that has free delivery in Central London so you can save a lot of money by renting your car while you are in Central London.

The secret is to spend some time to check the tariffs and the different cars so you will be informed and you will choose much easier. Always make compromises in order to save money, change drop off location, don’t take the navigation system options, be aware of age requirements, check the fuel options, check your car before you start driving and always ask about special deals.

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